How to Move to a Smaller Space

How Outdoor Storage Can Help

There are times when bigger is not always better, and most of the time, this applies to homes. More often than not, relocating to a much smaller space can make you enjoy tons of benefits, which include less cleaning and easy maintenance. When you are dealing with a limited floor plan, you will also feel less tempted to buy additional possessions, which means that you can also save on your decorating budget.

However, moving to a smaller space can prove to be a bit challenging for your move. This is why it is imperative that you know exactly how you will be transporting your furniture pieces without incurring any damages.

To keep the unwanted from happening, below are a few vital tips you might want to keep in mind when you have finally decided to move to a much smaller space.

It’s All About Measurements

The very first step to ensure that your furniture pieces will fit right into your new smaller space is to determine the size and dimensions of every room as well as the specific pieces of furniture you plan to put in them. Prepare a floor plan then map out all the things that will go. It will help you ensure that your stuff will fit before you begin the transport.


Go Big First

Move first all of your bigger furniture items. These are the pieces that are more difficult and challenging to maneuver which is why you will want to ensure that there will be more space as much as possible. By doing this, you can avoid tripping over your small items, not to mention that you will still have enough energy once your move ends to let you deal with lighter boxes and furniture.


Make sure you unscrew and detach the legs from your furniture, specifically your couch. It will help a lot in saving pace and make manoeuvring easier. It also lessens the risks of damaging the walls or breaking your pieces.

Cut Down on Stuff

Take some time in sorting through your belongings and furniture then identify the ones you would like to donate and those that you still want to keep. Always remember that simply because you will move to a smaller space doesn’t always mean that you need to throw away all of your stuff. Get rid of the things that you don’t use anymore and eliminate any duplicates, if there are any. Think and decide about those that you really need, and if they will fit in the limited space of your new house or not.

Get Everyone Involved

In case you are not confident or sure about giving away your stuff, you can ask your relatives if they will want to keep it. You can also give some of your items away as gifts to your loved ones. Most younger members of the family will be more than happy to get a new furniture piece while the older relatives will appreciate being handed down with heirlooms and other types of mementos.