How to Build a Gazebo

The “do it yourself” (DIY) movement has never been stronger, and, with the wealth of materials online and in bookstores to help you out, it’s never been easier. If you have the space in your backyard there are few DIY projects more fruitful and satisfying than constructing a gazebo. These structures are extremely versatile, able to house BBQ parties, morning coffee moments, small get-togethers, and even weddings! They can also make hot summers shady enough to enjoy. Since you have decided to take on this exciting home improvement project, we are here to help you out.

Purpose. Due to the wide variety of choices concerning materials and style, it is vital that you have a firm understanding of how you will use the gazebo. If you plan to host BBQ parties there, you will have a much different experience building it than if you planned to use it for reading in the shade. It is perfectly possible to build a large gazebo that is fully equipped with a refrigerator and stove-top, but for the purposes of this article we will assume you have less ambitious goals.

Material. If you are building your own gazebo it is a good idea to use wood. One of the best choices here is to use something like cedar. Cedar is sturdy, and naturally weather-resistant. It is also extremely attractive.

Clear and mark the space. After you have your material, you will need to clear a space in your backyard to begin laying down the flooring. It is important to measure the area carefully, and then to mark it off with construction paint. Once you have the area marked, you should clear it of any obstructions such as plants, large rocks, and so forth.

Install stakes. You will need to install stakes or posts deep enough into the ground that they can provide support for the structure. You can dig the holes with a shovel, or rent a machine to drill into the ground. The latter method is probably better as it will save time. After you implant the stakes you will need to secure them with concrete.

Lay flooring. Once you have the stakes secured, you need to lay the flooring down. This is a crucial yet simple step. You will need to drill holes in the cedar planks, and then attach them using deck screws. The old adage “measure twice, cut once” is important here.

Construct body. Once you have taken care of the stakes and flooring, you should purchase a gazebo kit, and assemble it. This may seem to go against the DIY aesthetic, but the reality is, the fine craftsmanship required to sculpt the shell of the gazebo is simply beyond the abilities of the average home-owner. A pre-assembled gazebo kit will allow you to benefit from a professionals skills, while still enjoying the lower price of DIY. Even if you now know how to build a gazebo, you should utilize all the tools at your disposal, one of which is outside help.

Enhance your next Outdoor Gathering with a Pop-Up Gazebo

With summer & fall come graduations, weddings and outdoor bar-b-ques. The nice weather calls us to the outdoors and makes us want to gather with friends and family in our yards, at the beach or in a park. Having the added protection of a pop-up gazebo can enhance your next outdoor gathering and many more for years to come.

Reasons to have a pop-up gazebo

There are many reasons why a pop-up gazebo is necessary for any outdoor activity. You may not realize all the ways a pop-up gazebo can enhance your outdoor activities, so I’m going to go over many of the different ideas here which may spark other specific ways you can personally utilize this type of outdoor protection.

  • Graduations: An enclosed pop-up gazebo is a great way to protect photos and other items of the graduate on display. You can also put all the food inside the gazebo to help protect it from flies and other bugs.
  • Weddings: Because there are so many varieties and styles of pop-up gazebos, you’ll be able to find one that’s just right for your wedding. Whether you want to use it for your ceremony, or place the wedding cake under a canopy style pop-up gazebo for added protection, there are many ways you can decorate it specifically for the theme and style of your wedding.
  • Backyard bar-b-ques: Having a pop-up gazebo in your yard can serve many purposes from protecting your food to providing shade for you and your guests.
  • Lawn/deck/patio décor: A canopy style gazebo will enhance and add style to any lawn, deck or patio. Place your picnic table underneath for shade while eating or just hanging out.
  • Play area for small children: Set up toys, a playpen or small plastic swimming pool in an enclosed gazebo to help protect small children from the sun during the hot summer months.
  • Getaway: A canopy style gazebo or and enclosed pop-up can provide a nice little getaway right in your own backyard where you can escape with a good book or just your daydreams.
  • Beach: Because pop-up gazebos are portable and easy to set up, they’re great for taking to the beach. They’ll provide shade when you need to get out of the sun and are a great play place in the sand for kids.

As you can see, there are many, many uses for a pop-up gazebo. Not only will they enhance the look of your lawn, patio or deck, they provide protection from the sun, bugs and weather. Pop-up gazebos are sturdy and water proof and will withstand the test of time. You’ll enjoy your pop-up gazebo for years to come.

Turn your Wedding into a Romantic Fairyale with an Outdoor Wedding Gazebo

Your wedding is one of the most important days of your life and you want to make is as romantic and unique as you possibly can. When planning your wedding, your imagination begins to run wild with ideas and you often find yourself daydreaming about your special day. In that dream or image in your head you probably picture you and your husband standing in a place surrounded by white lace and flowers or candlelight. Well you can make that dream come true with an outdoor gazebo.

There are a variety of different outdoor gazebos to choose from that will suit any taste or setting. And once your wedding is over, the gazebo makes a nice addition to your lawn. There are as many sizes of outdoor gazebos as there are varieties, so finding one that will make your wedding day perfect won’t be difficult.

Turning an outdoor gazebo into a wedding gazebo

Whether your wedding is large, small or somewhere in between, using a gazebo makes for a picture perfect outdoor wedding.

Your decorations can be as simple as tying a piece of tulle to each post with some silky ribbon, to completely covering each rail and post with flowers and lace. Because gazebos are naturally beautiful, you can decorate as much or as little as your imagination allows. The possibilities are endless.

Because most outdoor gazebos are lightweight, they are easy to transport on a trailer, and can be set up just about anywhere such as a beach or in a meadow of wildflowers.

Using a gazebo for your outdoor wedding also helps protect the bride and groom from possible weather issues like rain during the ceremony. Because outdoor gazebos are made from weather resistant materials and are very sturdy, you can be rest assured your gazebo won’t blow over in a sudden gust of wind.

After the Wedding

After your wedding, you can use your portable gazebo to enhance your lawn. Outdoor gazebos make for a nice, peaceful getaway. Some gazebos come with enclosures that help protect you from the elements so you can enjoy it even in a rain storm. Imagine how romantic that will be even after the wedding day.

Having the gazebo in which you were married in your yard will be a nice reminder of the commitment you made to each other. When you have your disagreements, you can look out there and remember the very special day and the many reasons you chose each other. You can also use the gazebo as neutral ground and a place to come together to resolve your differences.

As you can see, a gazebo can be used for many things. Because a gazebo represents peace and romance, having one for your wedding and beyond makes for a peaceful and romantic journey throughout your life. The gazebo will bring back precious memories that you can pass down to your kids and your grand-kids for years to come.

Outdoor Garden Gazebos

Are you thinking about a complete transformation in your backyard and your life? Maybe you are inspired by home improvement shows on television and you want to capture your own outdoor paradise in your backyard. If you are like thousands of other homeowners that desire a more dramatic feel in your outdoor space, nothing makes a better style statement than an outdoor gazebo.

In a time when people find themselves rushing to complete even the menial of tasks, having a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the outdoors makes time stand still. Outdoor gazebos are the perfect safe haven away from the morning rush hour, temperamental coworkers, broken office equipment, and deadlines. As soon as you step into a garden gazebo, the whole world takes on a new perspective: flowers smell more potent, insects and birds sing in harmony, even the air feels like a soft blanket. Before you know it, your outdoor gazebo is your office of unlimited possibilities.

Outdoor gazebos can enhance any outdoor setting. A spacious retreat made of wood or vinyl covered metal – whatever your liking. Perhaps you live in an area that is infested with pesky insects, like mosquitoes. You can have your outdoor gazebo inlayed with screens so that you are protected and can still enjoy all that nature has to offer without being bit or stung: a perfect alternative to a screened in porch or patio.

The beautiful thing about outdoor gazebos is that they can be large enough to entertain several guests for an outdoor party or small enough for those intimate nights for you and your honey. If you feel like your creative juices have been dried up by the day-to-day stresses that life as we know it tends to hinder then an outdoor gazebo is the escape that you need to replenish your imaginative being. If you have never come in touch with your creative side then an outdoor gazebo will allow you to get to know the writer or director that has been left dormant within. Some of the most successful writers and poets have obtained inspiration from nature, and what better way to become one with the natural world than sitting in a new outdoor gazebo.

Imagine the peace and serenity a new outdoor patio gazebo can offer you and your family: the perfect place to end your day and relax all of your troubles away. A gazebo in your backyard will make you the envy of all of your neighbors, increase the value of your property, and more importantly give you the balance between chaos and rejuvenation.

Outdoor patio gazebos are affordable and the return on your investment is monumental. Having an outside gazebo will give you somewhere to look forward to spending your time and allow you to beautify your life by surrounding yourself in the beauty of nature.