Backyard Sheds

Before investing money into a backyard shed, you need to decide the location and size of the shed.

Any overhanging of tree limbs needs to be taken into consideration, as well as the slope of the yard. Obstacles, like backyard play areas, trees and landscaping areas, need to be accounted for when planning where the shed will be placed. Make sure you can enter and exit to and from the shed with your lawnmower and large garden tiller.

You should invest time and energy into building or buying a good shed foundation. Shed foundations are one of the best investments you can make. Added function and durability come with adding a sturdy foundation to place the shed upon. Foundations save the skirting of the sheds from rusting, rotting and cracking from standing in water soaked soil. Foundations for sheds are either floating foundations, on-grade foundations, or permanent frost-proof foundations. Shed foundations depend on coding zones, shed size and regional zones. There are many different plans available for floating and permanent foundations. A shed’s foundation should be chosen for the type of shed bought for outdoor storage.

Most wooden sheds are easy enough to assemble. For sheds already assembled, weatherproofing is easy with a clear coat of exterior stain or exterior colors in the desired shades. Pretreated wooden sheds will not need to be treated, but weather stripping and weather proofing, especially if it has windows, is still a great idea.

Wooden sheds that need to be assembled will require the proper assembly tools. Plans that are drawn up for building a wooden shed should be looked over closely, and all material should be assembled together before hand. The grade of material is important for wooden sheds as well as the roof grade. To ensure that the project turns out as promised by the expectations of the plans, using the recommended materials for the project will leave no room for last minute guessing and alterations.

Vinyl sheds are easy sheds for upkeep and maintenance. These sheds usually just need a good spray of water to hose off grime and dirt. Strong and durable to withstand years of weathering without fading and wearing down, these sheds are made of high quality PVC. Never needing a paint job, these sheds also never need to be treated for pest and termites. Some manufactures of these types of sheds guarantee them to be able to withstand high winds. Vinyl sheds come in a variety of colors, sizes and designs, for attractive outside storage.

Metal backyard sheds are the old stand-by, but have really been improved upon over the years. Known for their strength and bought for their maintenance free attributes, metal sheds are designed and engineered for sturdy backyard storage units. Roof appeal is also a key factor in buying a metal shed, as they are constructed with metal and are virtually windproof. Most manufactured metal sheds come with pre-drilled holes for quick and easy assembly of the panels.