Build a Shed

When I was a kid I had a friend and the two of us had one goal every summer.  We always wanted to build our own clubhouse.  At first we didn’t have any idea how to do it.  We thought that we could just nail together a frame and then apply outside materials to the frame and be done.  Our frame always fell over.  We got frustrated and failed each year.

When I grew up my spouse told me to build a shed for some of our stuff to go into.  When I went outside and picked a spot, my childhood memories started to come back.  I didn’t think I could do it.  I went back inside with a sour look on my face.  My wife asked me what was wrong.  I explained that I couldn’t build a shed.  I never was able to learn how.  She smiled and told me that she was sure I could do it.

Later that day I happened to watch a show about a building being constructed incredibly quickly.  I watched how they were able to achieve this.  What was happening was that the building was largely prepared before they tried to put it up.  I thought that if I could build most of it on the ground before I tried to put it up, I might be able to actually get it done.

The next day I was outside working with the wood.  The unit started out pretty large.  I started to worry a little, but I kept going.  I build the four sides of the shed first.  Then I worked on the roof.  This all took me a couple weeks of working on it whenever I could.  Then, I started to build the foundation.  I dug a deep hole and poured in some cement.  Then, I stuck in some poles so that I knew the foundation would hold.  As kids we were never able to get our hands on cement.  We thought then that we would have had a much better shot at it staying up if we had cement.

After the posts were in I started sticking the walls to it.  I was so close to being done, and then I realized that I had no way of getting the roof onto the top of the shed.  It was just too high up there and the roof was too heavy.  I thought about building a pulley system but that would be too complicated for my knowhow.

I sat there thinking and thinking.  Then, I realized that I really just needed one more person to help.  I called up my old friend that I hadn’t seen in years.  It turned out he still lived in my same neighborhood.  I asked him to come over.  He came over and helped me hoist the roof up.  Finally, we had made our clubhouse.

I was very proud of this experience.  I learned that it is possible to build a shed.  Anyone can do it if they are willing to do the preparation work first.