Metal Storage Sheds & Buildings

Metal Storage Sheds – a long term addition to your home

When you find yourself overwhelmed With outdoor yard, lawn and garden tools, toys for the kids, pool equipment, patio furniture and more… you may realize the best thing you can do is to buy an outdoor storage shed.

Outdoor storage sheds come in a wide variety of designs, colors and materials, and they’re more than useful for finally making sense of where everything is outside. ArrowSheds also help extend the life of your lawn and garden equipment, tools, bicycles and other toys, and they provide a safe place to store pool cleaning supplies, or other types of supplies you wouldn’t normally want to store inside your home.

Metal storage sheds are probably the oldest types of sturdy, long lasting sheds available on the market. Many are made of steel, and metal storage sheds are designed to be a long term addition to your home.

There are many options to choose from when buying metal storage sheds too. If you’re limited on space for instance, you might want to try a small storage locker style of metal sheds, which can fit easily onto a small porch or balcony. They can also simply be placed in a small back yard against the house or fence too.

Even though these are considered to be small metal sheds, measuring about 8 feet wide by 3 feet deep and over 6 feet tall, they’re often plenty of room for small yards and spaces.

A similar space saving metal shed is called a yard saver, and it can be purchased in a couple of sizes: Four feet by seven feet for instance, or four by ten. These are cute and attractive options for metal storage sheds too. They’re designed to look almost like a small enclosed patio. The space saver shed can be put up against a fence or the wall of your home, to make it look like it belongs there naturally.

Of course metal storage sheds can be purchased in many more styles and sizes. Some are made to look like small barns for instance, which can add a touch of design flare to your backyard or garden. Others simply look like small garages or outbuildings.

Metal storage sheds often come in ready to assemble kits, and it can take several hours to put them together. You can place the shed on any flat space in your yard too. The best option though, is to choose a location in your yard that isn’t too low, so you won’t have problems with water collecting inside your shed. Then level the spot so the ground is even, and spread about two inches of crushed gravel out. Extend the gravel base out a foot or so on all sides, so you’ll have good drainage during wet weather.

Alternatively of course, you might want to lay a concrete foundation for your metal storage shed. Since it’s designed to be used for years as a semi-permanent fixture, putting in a concrete floor is often the preferred choice for most home owners.

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