Rubbermaid Storage Sheds & Buildings

Rubbermaid Storage Sheds Styles

Rubbermaid storage sheds are becoming a very popular storage choice for many people, because they come in a variety of sizes, and they’re weather resistant too. Rubbermaid storage sheds don’t normally need to be painted or repaired, and they can last for many years.

Rubbermaid storage sheds come in many sizes. Some are small for instance, measuring approximately four and a half feet wide by a little over two feet deep and standing about three feet tall. Even these small storage sheds are useful for holding small garden tools and supplies though, particularly when your yard is small or you need a storage shed on your apartment balcony.

Larger sheds are available as well, with some being well over six feet tall, six feet deep, and over five feet wide. These are excellent storage sheds for those who have a yard with more room, and they can be used to store a variety of outdoor items such as push lawn mowers, bicycles, lawn games and various hand tools too.

There’s an unusually designed Rubbermaid storage shed too, that seems to be specifically made for storing bikes and push lawn tools. This one almost looks like a tall box laying on its side too. It’s five feet wide, close to seven feet deep, and about four and a half feet tall.

All of the Rubbermaid containers have special interlocking pieces which make them fairly quick and easy to assemble. Many of the Rubbermaid storage containers also have molded grooves in them, which are for installing one or more shelves inside the unit. The shelves aren’t included, but you can buy a simple piece of wood and just slip it into place.

Some of the smaller, box style Rubbermaid outdoor storage sheds are made so the top can be lifted up like a lid as well. In most cases there is a hasp built into each design so a padlock can be attached to keep the storage items within secure.

The floors of Rubbermaid storage sheds also have special helpful features too. There is a slight ramp lip for instance, which makes it easier to roll lawn equipment in or out as needed.

Some of the sheds also have molding in various other places of the shed, to be used for different things. One of the larger box-style sheds for instance, has molded anchor grooves which allow you to attach the Rubbermaid shed to another structure, or anchor it to the ground.

Most people like the Rubbermaid storage sheds because they’re easy. They are very simple to set up, they don’t have to be painted or sanded regularly, they won’t rust, they don’t dent easily, and they keep your outdoor equipment and supplies secure and dry. Many are also small enough to give you some needed storage room in confined spaces too.

The downside though, is that they all tend to come in one color. The roof colors vary a little, but not much. The sheds and storage containers themselves though, tend to come in a tan shade referred to as “Taupe”, which might seem a little dull, boring and mundane for some.

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