Vinyl Storage Sheds & Buildings

Vinyl Storage Sheds: attractive and useful!

Outdoor storage sheds are must have items for anyone with a backyard. If you have children, a pool, or you just like to do a bit of gardening now and then, storage sheds can be a lifesaver when it comes to keeping everything cleaned up, organized, and protected from the weather.

Vinyl storage sheds for use outdoors can be a very attractive and useful addition to your home. Some are made to look like small guest houses, or even miniature barns. There tend to be several color shades to choose from, and often vinyl storage sheds have a nice trim painted in a complimentary shade which makes it pleasing to the eye.

Unlike steel, metal or wooden sheds, vinyl storage sheds need very little maintenance. They don’t dent easily, if at all, and they don’t rust, rot or mildew. They rarely if ever need to be painted as well. The vinyl material used to create these sheds is often treated with UV coating so the color doesn’t fade over time in the sun either.

Most vinyl storage sheds are made to handle all weather conditions. Some have double insulated walls, and pitched roofs which can handle the weight of heavy snow too.

Sizes can range from as small as eight feet wide, to as large as fourteen feet wide. Depths are even bigger too, smaller ones start at ten feet deep, while really large ones can be as much as thirty-one feet deep. Sometimes you can find smaller, space saver style vinyl storage sheds too.

This makes some of the vinyl shed options ideal for storing a variety of outdoor equipment such as lawn mowers and trimmers, lawn chairs, patio furniture, bikes and more. Some of these are even large enough to use a small garages for motorcycles, riding lawn mowers and attachments, and cars too.

Vinyl storage sheds usually come in a kit form that must be assembled. Assembly is not too difficult, and can take three to five hours to complete. Some kits come with all holes predrilled, and pieces numbered or labeled for easier assembly. Some vinyl sheds can have accessories added on to them by buying special extension kits. Accessories might include windows and skylights for instance.

Vinyl sheds do not usually come with a floor of their own. They’re made to be easily portable, so you must create a floor for them. Most people prefer to pour a concrete foundation floor for their vinyl sheds, but you can also build a wooden foundation for it too.

Overall, vinyl storage sheds are an excellent choice for having a nice looking
outbuilding in your yard that needs little to no maintenance. It also gives you excellent additional space to stash a variety of outdoor things such as lawn mowers and attachments, the kids toys and bicycles, gardening equipment and supplies, pool supplies and extras, or even patio furniture when it needs to be taken out of the weather.

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